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Treat Yourself Like a Company

Your mind is organized like a gigantic corporation. You have four distinct business units that determine how you function. They all must work in harmony or you risk total collapse. When they are all firing together you are propelled to new heights. The trick is, you only have control over one of them. Treat that right, and the rest will thrive. Treat it wrong, the consequences could be dire.

The Boss

You can think of your conscious mind like the CEO or upper management of Me Incorporated. The CEO has a broad understanding of daily operations and can impact downstream systems but could not nearly do the job alone.

Most believe their conscious behavior to be totally self-directed. They are in control of how they think and act. In reality, while the conscious mind is arguably the most important determinant, there are factors at play that influence it that are beyond our cognitive understanding.

A poor CEO loses sight of the broader vision of the company. Without clear leadership, inertia and fear grip the organization. Processes break. Pain and fatigue set in. It is weighed down by excess that eventually leads to collapse.

An effective CEO sets the tone for greatness. Employees believe in the vision and work hard to keep getting better. The operation is lean and constantly improving, bringing in new talent and knowledge. The company remains healthy and vital while making progress every day.

Most operate somewhere in between. The CEO lets the organization operate largely autonomously and steps in when things begin to get out of hand. Some have structured their corporate culture for relative stability despite a lack of strong direction, but they are unlikely to thrive in the marketplace. Others ere towards complacency with frequent cyclical interventions required to maintain the status quo, allowing the company to stay afloat for a little while longer.

The Core

All of your subconscious mind’s processes are your employees. Some take direction from the CEO and execute as instructed. They do not question what they’re told. This is where the saying, “whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right” comes into play. Your employees will not process nuance. They are given a task and execute accordingly. Once you realize the magnitude of this ability, your whole company can witness a paradigm shift.

Many other workers are outside the prevue of the CEO’s regular tasks such as breathing and organ functioning. They operate autonomously. They are vital to the health of the organization, yet are not overtly managed. Even these however can be managed and optimized when desired. Activities like meditation and exercise can enhance these processes to better support the broader business.

Outside Help

Your microbiome and virome are the next critically important minds of your organization. They represent the consultants with specific skills that your internal structure could not function without. They are the trillions of microbes and viruses that outnumber your actual DNA, therefore they are their own unique mind. New research is coming out almost daily on the size and scope of these vital components, but the point is without them your business would fail rapidly.

Your consultants come and go depending on the investment you give to your company. If you feed it healthy sustainable nutrients, it will attract top specialists in their fields. These professionals are demanding, however. If they’re not paid well and consistently, they will leave and be replaced by easier-to-please but much less capable workers.

These low-paid laborers multiply since they can’t handle the job on their own. Not only that, but they demand more of what brought them there in the first place, i.e. instant gratification with no regard to future issues. They send constant cues to the CEO to give them what they want. A weak CEO will capitulate every single time, perpetuating the downfall of the company.

The Connector

Finally, there is the supply chain in the form of the heart mind. Your heart begins to beat in the womb before the brain is formed. In many ways it has its own mind. Much like a company requires some type of infrastructure on which to be built, the heart begins to lay that groundwork.

It processes what your external clients demand of your organization. It handles the inputs and outputs and make sure that the company continues to operate. Waste management and transportation are its specialty but there are so many other abilities it has. There is constant turnover so making sure the company is well-supplied is vital to continued operations.

Superior Management

Assuming you want your organization to run at maximum efficiency, you must lead from the top. Your CEO, the conscious mind, is the only aspect of the company for which you have direct control. However you decide to focus your CEO is how the rest of the business will function.

Success is a constant process. If you actively fill your institution with positivity, it will respond in kind. If you give it a vision for the future and feed it with what it needs for fulfillment, you are much more likely to upgrade your organization in a major way. Your employees will thank you in the form of good health and mental clarity. A virtuous cycle is created.

Alternatively, if you exhibit fear and insecurity to your workers, your future becomes in doubt. Your internal employees slow down and just try to get through the day. Your army of consultants perpetuate the poor culture and bring their friends along for the ride. Your supply chain is decimated as waste piles up and it gets harder to function. The company may continue to operate, but challenges abound and success is all but forgotten.

The bottom line is for your organization to operate at the top of its industry, it takes superior leadership. If you’re not in the place you want to be physically, financially, in relationships, or any other aspect of life, it is time to change that. Your employees will resist at first. This is where most CEOs throw in the towel and relegate their institution to mediocrity. If you’re able to get past the momentary pain of opposition, and it is temporary, greatness awaits.

Massive Upgrade

My suggestion for overcoming this initial hurdle is simple: find your WHY. Figure out your driving force for commanding change within yourself. Once you have a compelling purpose, you can figure out how to do just about anything. A process on how to do this is found in my book The Stackd Master System.

Once you have your purpose solidified, you have a target. You have something to move your business towards. It will keep you focused on greatness rather than fear. You will be able to start incorporating Posictions, positive addictions, into your corporate culture. These will compound until you wake up one day as an industry leader.

Everyone’s path will be different. But no one’s path leads to maximal success without a strong reason. So, the only question that remains is: how will you run your business moving forward? Start here. Start now. And stay energized, confident, and sexy my friends. Peace.

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