Building a Strong Foundation

At Stackd, we know that a sexy body means something different to each person. We also want to provide a fitness foundation that lasts a lifetime instead of getting derailed at the first temptation that comes along. 

Alexander Megaso's first book The Stackd Master System lays the groundwork for lifelong sexiness. It all starts in the mind. You will dive deep into uncovering your purpose, setting effective goals, and replacing negative addictions with Posictions for ultimate success. 

Once you have upgraded your mindset, a sexy body can be yours for life. You will absolutely love our Psyit meal planning system that is simple to follow, totally customizable, and allows for regular reward meals so you never feel like you're restricting yourself. 

From there our Phitness system is the basis for our Stackd Ultimate Intensity Training (SUIT) Program (Coming Soon). You will get the tools to craft your ultimate body in as little as one hour per week. Stay tuned for our fully immersive SUIT program that will take the Phitness principles to new heights!


The Most Time-Efficient Workout Ever

There's lots of ways to work out. Most of them waste your time. Even workouts that claim to be "intense" focus on making you sweat instead of actually giving you a better body. Stackd Ultimate Intensity Training is a new way of working out that only requires about an hour per week to see incredible results. 

You are now able to sculpt your ultimate physique without changing your lifestyle to fit around your workout. Designed for working professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone who values their time, Stackd gives you the freedom to workout on your terms. 

You can get the benefits of a sexy body, better health, supercharged energy, and more in just an hour per week. Grow your business, advance your career, start a family, and live your best life in the best body possible for you.

Your workout should enhance the rest of your life, not take away precious time. Remember, time is the one thing that everyone has an equal amount of. Use yours wisely and look amazing while doing it with Stackd.

The Science Behind Stackd

Stackd workout is the equivalent of fighting a lion. You need to give it everything you have to win. As a result, you need more time to recover and you will grow like crazy to survive the next battle. This is accomplished in a gym setting through intense weight training with slow and controlled movement to maximum failure.

Stackd is designed to maximize muscular recruitment in a way that stimulates growth in the smallest amount of time possible. In other words, ultimate sexiness in minimal time. When we say one hour per week, we mean it. Other workouts may be able to get you similar results eventually, but when you're only wrestling a house cat, you will need to do that a whole lot more to see any improvements. 

The Stackd method is based on decades of research, studies, and experimentation from some of the best in the bodybuilding universe. They have used similar techniques to sculpt some of the finest physiques ever to step on stage. Until now, it has been kept in that world under a sterile, scientific umbrella. Stackd is opening up this superior training method to the masses by incorporating fun and innovative techniques that both enhance the effectiveness of the workouts and keep you craving more.

The Stackd Advantage

Stackd Ultimate Intensity Training uses heavy weightlifting to maximize your genetic potential. This causes adaptive changes in your body that you will see and feel. If you want a sexy body in the most time-efficient way possible, look no further. 

Stackd has three major advantages over other workouts:


Saved Time

We care about your time. Our weight training workouts are so intense that they require longer recovery periods than typical workouts. That means they feel amazing, leave you with tons of energy, and only need to be done for about an hour per week to see incredible results. No longer do you have to choose between a sexy body and free time.


Superior Growth

Cardio might get you skinnier, but it will never sculpt the sexy body you are looking for. Traditional weight training can reshape your body eventually, but requires working out nearly every day to be effective. Stackd causes the activation of muscle groups that would never be reached with other methods. It triggers an adaptive response in your muscles that will have you grow more in less time.


Incredibly Safe

Our slow and controlled method of weightlifting removes acceleration as a component of force. Acceleration is the cause of most injuries, especially in fast-paced HIIT-style and weight training workouts. With Stackd, you are essentially too weak to hurt yourself by the end of a set. You let the weight decide when you are done which means you have taken the set to your maximum and you stay focused on the target muscles the entire time, a win-win.

So Much More than Just a Workout

At Stackd, we want to create a sexy, healthy world for generations. That takes place in the gym for sure, but first there must be a shift in consciousness to make the changes last. That is why The Stackd Master System focuses so heavily on mindset. If you know WHY you want a sexy body and create a path for its achievement, chances are extremely high that you will make it happen. Others who merely hope for results rarely find them. 

As you embark on this epic journey to reshape your mind and body, include others along the way. Share your unique experiences with your friends, family, the Stackd community, wherever you feel it will make an impact. You'll have more motivation to continue on your success path and change lives in the process.