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About Stackd

Stackd was created as a bridge between fitness and life. Fed up with traditional fitness programs that scare you into thinking that if you don't immediately adopt their program you will become 500 pounds and die at 30, we instead help create a foundation for success. Our ideology can be used as you see fit. You can use it to upgrade an existing approach that you already love, or fully immerse yourself in what we have to offer to radically increase your overall results.


We focus on the why instead of the what, giving you clarity on how your workout has an immediate positive impact on your total self: from your energy and body to your work and family and everything in between. Each one of our offerings is meant to Stack on top of each other, providing knowledge that sticks with you and translates across all that you do.

About Alexander Megaso

My life has been a series of unique experiences that led to the foundation of Stackd. I have long pursued insights on ultimate human performance both in the physical and mental arenas. In discussing these exciting breakthroughs with my friends and family, they convinced me to share them with the rest of the world. My passions revolve around success and pushing the bounds of possibility. 


My first book, The Stackd Master System, lays out the Stackd fitness philosophy. It will help you find your purpose, break addictions, and become the ultimate you. I also share my thoughts, tips, updates, and anything else that I find powerful on the Stackd YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and more. I am always learning and growing so I invite you to share in that journey with me as we become better as a community.